Wednesday, June 15, 2022

My solo parenting ordeal is over THANK GOODNESS

 Because you guys! There are too many children here for me to parent them all by myself. OMG.

ESPECIALLY since Ben and Harry were BOTH gone. Gah.

My plan was basically to live at the pool

Thank goodness swim team, dive team, and tennis all started on Monday because 3/4 of them were occupied from 8-12 (with lots of running around on my part with Minnie in the Prius, which is kind of a PITA. I have gotten way too used to a huge van whose doors open with the touch of a button).
Also, we got Costco AND Whole Foods delivered because Ben picking up groceries curbside seemed like too much. These are great, BTW.
Pool. Always pool.
He’s so sporty!
Minnie is in love with this specific American Girl doll. The poor doll— she is getting tons of love and in Velveteen Rabbit terms for sure deserves to be real by now.
Tennis spectating.
My other strategy was to just let the big 3 stay up late and eat trash. Here we are enjoying a movie night (Better Nate Than Never).
And still, they played tennis.
Pool dinner on repeat
It’s so hot here that my poor air conditioner cannot hit its target temperature, so I have just smacked a post0it note over the thermostat so I won’t worry about it. Climate change, man.

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  1. You survived! Those pool pictures are adorable and especially love your comment about the American doll. It's so heartwarming to see a child so enamoured with a comfort object (we still have someone that MUST HAVE BROWN BLANKIE to sleep at night and that fact delights me to no end).