Friday, June 24, 2022

Life lately (which, really, is what I could call every post)


No but really. Could they be any girlier?

We have had a supremely sporty WEEK.  Dorothy and Coop have done 2 swim meets (well, the second one is tomorrow morning) andJack and Coop have had 2 dive meets (the second one is tonight). Coop has a tennis tournament this afternoon, and he also plays in a baseball play off game tonight. Harry has worked like 30 hours this week and done tennis lessons, and Jack has spent every single second of free time at the pool working on his dives. (Which is paying off. He won his meet on Wednesday night and got his 3rd best score ever).

Jack and Coop with their dive meet ribbons:

Minnie has discovered her love of the sprinkler

But also, she and I are uninvited from basically all baseball games going forward because we are coolers. When we arrived at Coop’s Father’s Day game, his team was winning 16-0. The game ended in a 16-16 tie, and I feel responsible.

Cheering anyway:

Why yes, Ben is wearing pool spirit attire. Why wouldn’t he?
Minnie is still loving The Little Gym, but I have nothing in common with the other moms, who are so so so young and mostly pregnant with their second babies. I do like some of the grandmas, though.

I am trying to stay on top of posting pictures because I really do love being able to look through my archives and remember what life was like at a specific moment in time. In fact, I feel like I have outsourced a lot of my medium-term (LOL) memory to this very blog.

I want to remember that 22 month-old Minnie, for example, LOVES to clean up. What a great trait! Also, I asked her how old she was going to be on her birthday, and, while she did not know, she did tell me there will be a party with Elmo and balloons and maybe hats (which she calls haps), so I gotta get on that.

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  1. Such a fun post. That's both hilarious - and sad - about the 16-0 lead ending up in a tie. What are the odds?
    And also your comment about all the young mom's and feeling like you relate more to the grandma's. This comment actually made me laugh out loud :)