Monday, June 27, 2022

We relaxed! Between all of the things!

 Ok, listen. I LOVE to clean the house. In fact, one of the reasons I was so insistent that we build a new house (ELEVEN YEARS AGO!) is because we would start out with a perfectly clean place. And we did! But then we lived in it for 11 years and now? We have to get house cleaners.

We had a weekly cleaner when Harry was a baby and a twice a week cleaner when Jack was little. And then we moved. And here we are, cleanerless and scrambling for time on the weekends.

So, we must outsource more of the housework. Yard work, too, probably, but baby steps. I will keep you posted. (I know people have monthly and twice a month cleaners, but I also know that I need more frequent help, so the details of this will be FREAKING FASCINATING, I am sure).

Despite having to clean our own house AND attend a swim meet and a baseball game, we also had time to just hang out with the kids (I think because the groceries just magically appeared on the doorstep). Something Ben and I want to do more of is incorporate spontaneous fun hangs, especially those geared toward Dorothy and Cooper (which is wha made me think of getting house cleaners— something that has been on my to-do list since April). We are really feeling the pinch of taking care of a baby who still is not the best sleeper and also staying up late with our big kids, either to hang out with them or make sure they got home in one piece. It’s easy to not do special things with Dorothy and Cooper in the midst of all this, especially since they are the ones with seventy billion weekday sports. 


We went to campus for burgers and ice cream and made s’mores after the baby went to bed, and both of these things were fun for us, too, and they delighted the middle kids.

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