Sunday, June 05, 2022


 Minnie is in love with parks.

Unfortunately, she is also MUCH TOO TINY to play safely on most of them.

So, I have been using this epoch between the semester and the start of summer (I will have to talk more about summer because I am really excited about it) to find the very best toddler parks in town. Expect a Madison mom roundup soon. But for now, some pictures of the ones we have enjoyed:

We are looking for a few things in our ideal park: ride-on toys, low-to-the-ground climbers, wide stairs that she can navigate on her own, slides that are fun enough but also not so tall that she’ll fall off and break her neck, somewhere to enjoy a pastry or some strawberries. Not too much to ask for, right?

1 comment:

  1. I always call adorable kids "peaches."
    Can I just say - Minnie is SUCH A PEACH. Gah. She looks so fun and bubbly and energetic and everything a sweet little toddler should be.

    Parks were some of the scariest places with toddlers - they were independent and could dart away in milliseconds, but had very little spatial or risk awareness. We emerged unscathed, but I can still remember the anxiety. Looks like you've found some great places for her to spread her wings.