Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Car Stuff

Nearly 12 years after Ben bought himself his Prius, he gave it to this guy, a licensed and insured driver. CAN YOU EVEN?
I drove Ben’s new car to get a pedicure and pop into Target yesterday, and I parked it a zillion miles away from everyone else because Ben loves this car to bits, as he should. It is his first new car in 12 years.
(In the last 12 years, I have had a Camry, a black minivan, a red minivan, another black minivan, a gray minivan, and my current blue minivan)

(Also, after you look at these car pics, check out tiny Jack and tiny Harry buying our first minivan)

So, listen, it is hard to get a car these days. Like, you cannot just go to a dealership and buy one. You have to find the kind you want and get on a waitlist. We, for example, joined a waitlist for a hybrid Highlander that was 8-9 months long. And then! About 6 weeks ago, we got a call saying our dealer was getting one that a person no longer wanted and we could have it! So we bought it! Sight unseen! And we didn’t get to choose the color or the trim package or anything and we feel so lucky because that’s how you buy a car in the apocalypse. 

OMG this car seat box picture still makes me laugh days later. THAT POOR MIDDLE KID.
So boring, you guys.

Then Cooper found the kids’ room and drank 4 Dr. Peppers, and we didn’t even care because cars these days are expensive. The least the dealer could do was get our kid high on soda.

Happy new car day to Ben on Father’s Day Eve. I wonder what car he’ll drive 12 years from now. (A blue hybrid Highlander, perhaps?)

(Also this car could legit be Dorothy and Cooper’s one day in the not-so-distant future. OR EVEN MINNIE’S— HOW WEIRD IS THAT? ACTUALLY NOT WEIRD AT ALL BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS SPEEDING UP.  THIS WAS HARRY JUST THE OTHER DAY. 

Wasn’t it?


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  1. car twins (or partial!) - we have a Prius and a Highlander Hybrid (2017 though not brand new). Both have been insanely reliable, we love them.