Friday, June 10, 2022


Oh, you guys! It feels just like old times because Blogger uploaded my pictures in random order. I guess it’s impossible for me to bury the lede: NEWS OF THE WEEK is that Jack completed middle school and is going to be a FRESHMAN. WHAT.
Jack’s last day of school:
Minnie being Minnie.
Oh look! Here we are at Jack’s graduation ceremony
Minnie started a new class at The Little Gym. Princess Anna (I mean, Queen Anna, technically, but this doll is from the first movie) has to watch here, obvi.
Oh look! The school picnic is back!! (I failed the picnic, BTW. Not only were Harry and I late with Dorothy’s Culvers, but the door dash guy was ALSO late with Coop’s Panera.)
SLIIIIIIIIIIDE. Harry will probably not come back to the pool when he’s not working again this summer because it was so cold, and he had to do this 45 times.
Perfect pool nights this week. PERFECT. (This is exactly how crowded I like the pool to be).
Date night. (Actually, we were just buying teacher gift cards and had a quick drink).
Literally jumping for joy that her bestie could come to the pool on the last day of school.
Aaaaaaaand we are back at graduation.
Minnie’s toy doppelgänger 
Best brother!
We were EARLY to graduation ( which was so weird— we are NEVER early).
Last day of third and fourth grade
Back to the picnic
A walk with a cookie because WHY NOT
Last middle school drop off— I am really going to miss that school.
She really wanted to go onstage with Jack
Coffee outside: not just for vacation
Garbage dinner!
Oh my gosh this is getting so silly. Back to the school picnic

Jack brought 7 friends to eat pizza. Dorothy brought her bestie from next door. Coop met up with his two BFFs, and harry the lifeguard entertained Minnie. Ben and I were just so happy that everyone was happy and we can do these things together.
Our last coffee run of the year (we went weekly)
Minnie, not feeling TLG
The middle school graduate
Actually? I am glad these pictures uploaded chaotically because that’s how the last week of school felt. Harry was home all week because he didn’t have to take finals (he is taking such hard classes and doing so well— we’re so proud). The other kids all had daytime stuff we had to go to. Ben had a crazy busy work week. I am still hiring grad students for fall. I didn’t realize that the previous week was our last normal week, so I didn’t really enjoy it, you know?

Transitions are hard for me, but I am sure we‘ll be in the swing of summer (in-person and online teaching) and all) before we know it.

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