Monday, April 25, 2022

Weekend WHEW!

 THIS PAST WEEKEND. Oh my goodness. If every weekend were like this one, I would not be able to function. I would absolutely have to quit my job. Fortunately, we are usually less busy. I think.


1. Tennis: Harry played tennis ALL DAY Saturday, and I watched him from 7:45-12:00

2. Baseball: Cooper’s Little League team had TWO games, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. TWO GAMES, and Ben is the coach and could only attend one of them because our Saturday was mess. So Ben and Minnie and Dorothy went to the Saturday game, but Ben couldn’t coach because Minnie. Sunday, Ben took Coop, and the other kids and I did a drop in to watch a couple of innings. Notably, the team won both games, and Minnie loves baseball.

3. Dive: Jack and Cooper started Sunday morning really early on the UW campus for their first dive club practice. They loved every minute of the whole whole 2 hours, and Ben was able to get a little work done to get ahead of the week while he watched them.

4. Softball: Dorothy had a long and windy softball practice Sunday afternoon, and I went with her to watch and read my book and complain about the cold.


Dorothy’s last competition of the season! She and I were gone from 1pm-8:30pm on Saturday, and her team won their division. They got 4th at their first competition and 2nd at their second one, so they were thrilled to end the season with a win! No more competitions (I will write a review of the competitive dance world soon because OH MY GOODNESS), but she still has 5 classes a week and a June recital.


Jack’s spring musical Guys and Dolls runs yesterday through tomorrow night, so he spent all day Saturday rehearsing (and then came home briefly to change and went straight out to a party). Ben and Cooper went straight from baseball to see the Sunday matinee, and Harry, Dorothy, and I will see the final show Tuesday night.


7:45 am: Harry I and left for tennis

8:00 am: Ben dropped Jack off at rehearsal

11:00 am: Ben, Dorothy, Minnie, and Cooper headed to the baseball fields for uniform distribution, lunch, and game playing/watching

12:00pm: Ben met me in the high school parking lot with Dorothy when I took Harry from one tennis match to another and grabbed Dorothy to prep for dance

1:00 pm: Dorothy and I were wheels up for dance while Harry played tennis, Jack rehearsed, and Ben, Coop, and Minnie stayed at the ball park until the 1:45 end of the game.

2:00 pm: Ben brought Coop and Minnie home for nap

3:30: Ben picked up Jack

4:30 Ben picked up Harry

6:00: Ben took all kids but Dorothy to drop Jack at a party, get aloe for Harry’s ridiculous tennis sunburn, and pick up pizza

8:00: Dorothy and I left the dance competition, grabbed Culver’s drive thru and spend home to do Dorothy and Minnie’s bedtime routine an hour late

9:00: Ben left to get Jack from the party

9:45: Ben, Harry, Jack, and I collapsed on couch with everyone home and mostly pajama’ed 


8:30-10:30 Dive for Ben, Jack, and Cooper. Frantic housecleaning for me while Harry and Dorothy watched Minnie

11-1:45: Baseball for Ben and Coop while I took Jack to get ready for his play and fed the other 3 kids a baseball lunch, tried to watch the game, came home to nap Minnie and let Dorothy play with her neighborhood friends

2:00-4: Ben, Cooper, and Jack at Jack’s show

3:30-5: I watched Dorothy’s softball practice while Ben rushed home to relieve our Minnie sitter (Harry), put away laundry, and make dinner.

PHEW! What a whirlwind. Thank goodness we almost never have weekends like this.

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  1. Oh man...I'm exhausted reading about this. I have definitely had weekends quasi-like this (definitely not with all the kid events because we only have two...and they are "underscheduled")...but I don't function very well when I'm that busy!

    So - gold stars to you for coming through in one piece. I hope next weekend is...decidedly less full!

    (And what a bonus that the kids/teams did so well!)