Monday, April 11, 2022

A gold medal weekend

 I have made 16 videos for my fall class today, and I kind of never want to talk again. So! Many! Videos!

My fall class is a wonderful little boutique class that I adore teaching. I blended it to be a hybrid class— one day in person and one day online— waaaaaaaaaay back in 2016. In Before Times, you just needed to make some discussion forms and post some PDFs for the online days, but the pandemic has really changed the way we think about online learning. So. CONTENT VIDEOS to the MAX.

Minnie is a HANDFUL right now. She is sleeping terribly, wants to nurse every 2 hours all day long like some giant infant, and demands to spend every second of her day outside where she enjoys activities such as jumping off the cement porch stairs and running into the road. OMG.


Jack and I went to Target for a rake and broom, and I also found THIS DRESS that I love

We had a crazy good weekend. Dorothy’s hip hop team got platinum (NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEAS) and 2nd place overall in their category and was just DARLING

And Harry! Won a varsity singles match at his first tennis scrimmage and GOT 6th IN THE STATE in oratory at his virtual state speech tournament. We are SO SO SO proud.


It;s so cool to watch a kid excel at something you love, you know?

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  1. Wow! What a great week indeed (aside from the running into the road bit; oh 2-year-olds!) - there is a special thrill that comes from watching our kiddos excel/do their best.

    That dress is darling and you look so put together in the shot of your video prep! Congrats on getting those all done - what a huge relief I'm sure.