Friday, April 08, 2022


 I don't actually have Fri-yay vibes, by the way. I am at the office on an interminable Zoom meeting that might actually kill me (for real-- sitting all day is dangerous), and the little kids are out early.

 I mean, listen, early release is normally really festive and fun, but the weather! IS HORRIBLE. Like, SNOW. And cold and drizzle and hail. ALL OF IT.  And we still aren't having the kids have kids over to play like Old Times because COVID, but even with appropriate gear, outside is awful, so I feel like things are just going to be boring and stirred up. For Ben, really, because I am working most of the day. (But then I get home and he leaves for baseball, so it's a mess-- I need more margin in my day between activities FOR SURE).

We are staring down a super busy weekend. Harry has his first tennis tournament a couple hours away AND Dorothy has a dance competition-- neither event is Minnie-appropriate, and we are scrambling a little. PLUS ALSO, despite the winer redux, baseball season has begun, and Ben has a practice and a scrimmage for Cooper's team. One of my endless tasks today is to put Dorothy's softball schedule on the calendar, but I have been loathe to do this because seeing one more set of practices and games on the calendar is going to make me bananas. 

My coffee shop had twinkle lights on and was playing Christmas carols, so that helped.

Also helpful? MINNIE.

She is so VIBRANT and LOUD. Like, she opens her eyes first thing in the morning and scream DADA at the top of her voice. Who goes from sleeping to full-voiced yelling in a fraction of a second? MINNIE DOES.

She should have been napping:
Play hard; crash hard:
Here she is saying BUBBO because Cooper was blowing bubbles for her on our walk
I just love her serious little face here

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  1. Ah margin. Ever elusive, but always worth pursuing!!

    And being in meetings all day, especially Zoom ones, is soul-sucking. Hope you got some fresh air.

    And I always love when the kids play hard and crash hard. It's so satisfying as a parent to see them so deeply asleep and know they had a great day!