Monday, April 18, 2022

Happy Birthday, Jack

 If you can believe it (and really, I can't), Jack turned 14 this weekend, and we had a delightful Saturday celebrating him.

We started with a Starbucks and bagels run first thing in the morning. Then he opened his gifts (all purchased from the list he sent-- and almost all office products. We added a sweatshirt from The Office and some business cards-- both big hits). He spent the rest of the morning getting ready for his party, which we all loved.

Jack wanted to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie with his friends, so we rented a theater and had an absolute blast. Jack's are smart and funny and polite, and they all lvoed the movie. There was much oohing and cheering. It's so fun to have a theater to yourself. I bought pizza and poopcorn and soda and candy for all, and Dorothy and Cooper each brought a firend. I spent my time eating a G2G bar and readong Anne of the Island because Fantastic Beasts movies just don't do it for me.

After the party, I took jack shopping so he could pick out some summer clothes. Then, we made Jack;'s requested bday dinner (steak, scallops, wedge salads, and parker house rolls, plus an Oreo cheesecake), and we closed out the night playing euchre.

A delightful birthday for a delightful kid.

(Pics in random order— thanks, Blogger)

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