Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Kiddie Spring break, days 7-9

 IT WAS SO HARD TO BE A SOLO PARENT FOR 28 HOURS even though the kids slept for like 10 of them. We are not a solo parent household because there are so many children and they all do so many things and GAAAAAAAH.

But! I am glad my small solo-parenting sprint happened in the middle of spring break because I felt bad for the stuck-at-home kids and tried to make every darn day fun. We were on such a good spring break roll with Gulf Shores and Mt. Rushmore and DC and Naples and then 2019 saw us all have different breaks, and then bam! 2020 and no more travel.

Friday after Ben and Harry left for Eau Claire, the other kids and I went to Target and bought ALL OF THE JUNK FOOD and also more art supplies. Then Dorothy and Cooper set up a drawing station on the kitchen table and left it there for 3 days, which is basically unheard of in our house. We also all watched Dumb and Dumber after Minnie went o bed, and the kids ate the most disgusting assortment of movie candy. Dorothy slept in Ben's bed, and Cooper slept in Harry's, and the whole night had a slumber party feel. We also had waffle sundaes for dinner, something that was on their spring break bucket list.

Meanwhile, Ben and Harry took a UW Eau Claire campus tour and ate bar food before Ben relaxed by himself in a hotel room and Harry hung out with teammates until late at night.

Saturday, we anticipated Dorothy's party and accepted deliveries all day in a snow storm. Coop and I ran out to pick up cupcakes, and he he got a chocolate malt and bacon fries at Shake Shack because not only did I generally lower all my standards because we were in survival mode, but I decided to ply them with junk food whenever possible all weekend. I also let the kids move the XBox upstairs since the basement was tentville, so that felt fun and exciting LOL.

On Sunday, Ben took the middle 3 mini golfing (another item on their list), and Harry went to a birthday party to watch Batman in a private theater. Then he and I took Dorothy shopping so she could finally spend her birthday money (LOL dolls, another squishmallow, and lip gloss), and they also bought Jack a birthday present, which was sweet. Before dinner, 3/5 of them played with neighborhood friends and the 3 littles went to bed early because dang! Break was anything but a break.

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  1. "Break was anything but a break."

    You speak truth, my internet friend!