Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Easter fun!

 Easter was the last time we saw my das, so I have some complicated feelings about the holiday. Passover was the last time I saw the inside of my grandma's house, so that holiday, too, has some sad memories attached. As a result, we have kind of gone half-heartedly into the Easter only approach, but I am hopeful that as the pandemic wanes, we can do some Passover-y things with my side of the family again.

It was a lovely accident of the calendar, though, to have Easter and Jack's birthday back-to-back. So much food and fun!

Maybe my best batch of pull-aparts ever

We ordered the ham and all the side dishes— including a Spring salad with fennel that reminded me how much I love fennel in a salad— from our favorite local grocery store, and it was a terrific idea.
The kids dyed eggs, just in time for Minnie to remember how much she loves hard boiled eggs

The E.B. Hid eggs with cash and candy (and Goldfish for Minnie and Bea) in the backyard, and we braved the weather to find them:

On the way to the yard to hunt, we discovered that the lawn waste bag was topped with dead newborn bunnies. A GREAT SPRING OMEN, yes? (NO).

The Bunny hid some baskets in easy spots like the couch and Dorothy’s own closet.

Harry’s, though, was much trickier. After 20 minutes, he asked for a hint, and I said the EB thought he was a garbage person, which was a good hint because his basket was in the laundry room trash but also a bad hint because he just thought I was calling him a garbage person. I AM A TERRIBLE MOTHER.

The Bunny brings everyone light reading material, right?

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  1. The dead bunny thing - ack!
    Glad you had a great Easter; and the garbage can clue totally cracked me up.