Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Hello anxiety, my old friend. Whom I hate.

 SO MUCH anxiety. YOU GUYS. I have not felt this anxious about anything since the beginning of the pandemic. I remember going out to lunch with a friend right before everything shut down, and we were both like all caught up on doom science, just like waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with us and feeling so worried. Then, the very next week, the whole world shut down, and we both felt SO MUCH BETTER.

And back then I was pregnant, which is a time of hormonal tranquility for me.

The current combination of a terrible resurgence of COVID, the vaccine not keeping my unvaccinated children safe any more, everything wide open, the school year looming, AND my regular hormones back? FOR GET ABOUT IT.

Acupuncture has been helping me maintain an even keel-- or at least giving the space I need to recognize my anxiety for what it is instead of thinking the whole world is terrible. BUT. YOU GUYS. My lovely friend and acupuncture provider IS MOVING TO COLORADO. WHAT.

I feel... not great about finding a new provider. Lots of providers are not vaccinated/are anti-vaccine (as is my friend, but I know her, and I know how careful she has been this whole time, and she wears a mask, etc). Not all of them are following health care clinic rules re: distancing, masks, waiting in the car, etc. My HMO is not currently offering any complimentary medicine. It's not an awesome time to find a new provider ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE ANXIOUS.

And as a special bonus, I absolutely 100% have seasonal allergies right now. My eyes feel like there are slivers of glass in the corners. My ears are itchy on the inside. I sneeze 10,000 times in a row. But now I have the added fun of thinking I have COVID all the time. I AM SO FUN TO BE AROUND.

But yay birthday party supplies are arriving?

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