Monday, August 02, 2021

Pool Blahs

 On my to-do list this week: TAKE THE KIDS TO THE POOL. It seems like a simple enough-- and an ejoyable-- task, but a couple of things have been standing in our way:

1. DANCE: Dorothy has dance 4 days a week, and it cuts into that otherwise-unclaimed afternoon downtime

2. NAP: Minnie takes a lengthy afternoon nap, but I can't always leave during it because Ben has stuff to do for work, and if she wakes up, she's SOL.

3. GENERAL ENNUI: All those summer things that seemed so great in late May are starting to get a little...boring? in August. This is something my February (February is the WORST because the weather is terrible, but all the holidays are over, and we are ready to get outside again) will not even be able to believe I am saying.

Look how empty the place is-- apparently I am not the only one with the pool blahs.


  1. This is a real thing in august. We live at the pool in the summer bc it makes us all happy, but by mid august I'm just my normal salty mom self at the pool.

  2. FWIW: Our pool is in the backyard and by this time everyone's pretty over it. I think it's just part of the season. I am DESPERATE for rainy fall days