Friday, August 13, 2021

Happy first birthday, Minnie Marigold

 Minnie is an unqualified delight. What else can I say?

At the time, I thought her birth was hard and that it took too long. But she? Wasn't ready to come out yet. Once she realized we were forcing the issue, she arrived quickly, easily, joyfully. And that has been her experience on this planet so far. 

When she is ready to do something, she does it quietly and without fanfare or fuss. Talking. Sitting up. Waving. Blowing kisses. Showing us that she is so big. Getting teeth, Sleeping in her own bed, etc. Maybe we are ready for her to meet those milestones before she is, but she doesn't really care about our timelines.

She spent, for example, the first 3 month of her life sleeping in my arms or on my person, including 12 hours overnight. She would start the night on my lap while Ben and I watched TV, and then the two of us would go to bed together in my bed, and she'd snuggle into the crook of my arm all night long. And then! Right around the time I stated to worry about her ever rolling over, she started rolling and sleeping happily on her tummy in her crib. 

(Also, I miss those months of always having her close to me. I saw a meme about women spending more time nursing the first year of a baby's life than we do working a full time job, and I think the meme was meant to stir feeling about patriarchy and uncompensated mothering, but all it did was make me wish I could relive Minnie's first year and spend those hours nursing again).

She talks quite a bit for someone so tiny, and her receptive language skills are even better. She crawls SO FAST, and even though e are excited for her to walk, we will miss the sound of her hands slapping the floor. I love when she pulls up on my legs-- her feather light touch and the way she says Mamamamama. She calls herself Ninnie, but only when she really wants something-- she will reach for it and demand Ninnie!

Here's her very first picture:

And the last one on my camera roll at this exact second:

Our first family photo from last August 14th, before she had ever even been inside the house:

And, of course, the monthly Minnies: