Tuesday, August 24, 2021

SO angsty about school.

Minnie had her first donut on Sunday-- she's a fan.

She also enjoyed squash and spaghetti sauce.

And, I mean, there's always cream cheese.
I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT SCHOOL. We dropped their supplies off today, and I wanted to be like NEVER MIND. The nurse asked if Cooper was going to bring an inhaler to school and I was like NO. IF HE NEEDS AN INHALER, I WON'T SEND HIM. Which is exactly how I felt when I was packing up the boxes of Kleenex each classroom requested-- NO ONE SHOULD NEED THESE BECAUSE THEIR RUNNY NOSES SHOULD STAY HOME.

Bring on Pfizer for the under 12 crowd, please.

Have you read this hand-wringing essay from The Atlantic yet? What did you think?


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