Thursday, August 05, 2021

School-- yay?

 I just spent north of $300 signing the kids up for school, and that really stings because I don't even know if I want them to go. I mean, I want them to be physically out of the house for a few hours a day, but also NOT DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC during a nasty resurgence. YOU KNOW?

(But: bonus! I had to give permission of COVID testing, so that's awesome).

Also, I feel terrible for this kid who had been planning on having a late summer pool party for his September birthday and now... isn't. I was getting ready out the evite together when I realized that if I received that evite, I would for sure decline.

We are as of right this second having a party for Minnie, but we have only invited vaccinated adults, vaccinated cousins, and a few unvaccinated littler kids. And it is outside. And I ordered everyone Minnie's birthday party masks. AND I STILL FEEL SQUICKY ABOUT IT.

Yesterday while crawling on the sidewalk out front, Minnie's toes got stuck in the hem of her dress, and she fell over and bonked her head. It made a TERRIBLE sound, but she rallied quickly. And THAT is why baby dresses are so short. (This is a toddler dress of Dorothy's that is the perfect color for Minnie but maybe not the perfect length).

She is SO SO SO close to toddling, though

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