Wednesday, March 10, 2021

What a WEEK

 Every once in awhile I have one of those WEEKS on my calendar that makes me check my pandemic privilege.


Most of the time, my work is steadily busy, and I am able to manage the ebbs and flows. Maybe if I get really busy, I can't check an elementary school math assignment or play a work station math game a couple of days in a row or something like that, or none of the laundry is folded until after dinner or we end up making frozen pizza or all of the sudden it's Saturday and I haven't vacuumed since the previous Sunday. Little busy things like that.

But then a week like this one with constant meetings and deadlines and OH MY GOD.

If my every week looked like this one, I would for sure be one of the parents demanding that my snowflakes go back to school because holy hell how can it be possible to juggle so much ALL OF THE TIME?

If you are someone who constantly has a week like this, I see you and DAMN you have it rough and good for you for muscling through this year.

I have a TON of pandemic privilege, and still my kids have sort of all lost their minds a little bit. Even when it's easy, this year has been hard, and I need to remember that we all need to be gentle with ourselves/each other.

It helps to have this sweet fat baby around to cheer us up/on

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