Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Vaccine envy

 Ben and I are eligible to receive vaccines as of yesterday, but we can't find any appointments. We are using our best internet ticket ordering skills, and yet. No shots. Around here, Walgreens is the best bet (besides a county health department lottery), so if anyone has any tips, I am all ears.

I heard more slots were opening this morning, so I got up early and made 8 cups of coffee grounds with only 4 cups of water. I AM SO AWAKE NOW EVERYONE.

We had a lovely day yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary, but very cozy and delightful, with 5 healthy, happy, bright, and funny kids. I got a surprise gift from an old friend that made me cry-- that's how lovely and delightful it was. We played Cards Against Humanity at dinner, and Minnie slept well all day. What more can you ask for in the time of Covid?

A vaccine.

Things on our minds besides our Oompa Loompa vaccines:

POTY: Still working on it. I take a pretty significant couch nap ala Gary every night, but still, we are working on it.

Fitness goals: BOTH OF US. I KNOW.

Birthday season: Ben and Dorothy celebrate this month, Jack in April, me in May, Harry in June, America in July, Minnie in August, and Cooper in September, SO MANY BIRTHDAYS. Give me all your best virtual birthday party tips.

How fab is this baby jean jacket?  Minnie got it for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Jedd, and it is THE BEST.

Dorothy and Cooper shot a movie in this blanket tent yesterday most of the day. They used Cooper's video camera, Jack's Go Pro, and their iPads. I would say I am excited about watching the movie, but for these guys, trust me when I tell you that the process is the most important thing.

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