Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Little Gym!

One of the things we did to celebrate Dorothy's birthday was to rent out The Little Gym for a family playdate. I didn't even know that was thing until I saw it on my friend's Instagram, but it IS a thing, and we loved it. You can have the whole gym and any equipment you want for 45 minutes.

We wore masks inside the lobby, but after a temp check and some hand sanitizer, we could take them off inside the gym after TLG host went back to the front desk.

One of the things I have really hated about COVID is that I haven't been able to take Minnie to a baby class, so it was fun to let her play on the BIG! RED! MAT!
As expected, Dorothy loved it the most. She said, "The whole time I have been 7, the only place I have gone inside is the flu shot place!"
I can't wait to get my second vaccine dose and sign her up for gymnastics.
Minnie was a little crabby because we had to wake her up from nap to go to the gym, but she loves Cooper so much that he managed to squeeze out a smile.


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  1. That looks so fun! I wonder if other indoor places are doing the same thing? My least favorite part of those is the other people so this is ideal for us!