Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Happy, spring

I am so happy we had a late-in-life baby. There is nothing in the entire world sweeter than this 16-pound ball of delight.

But! It turns out that all the old women in the world were right-- babies do not keep.

No more swaddling her in a receiving blanket. No more sweet-smelling newborn poop. She doesn't need her Boppy infant lounger or her bouncy seat. She doesn't sleep in my arms all day long. I don't even need to wear in the Moby while I do my afternoon chores because she's over the afternoon crabbies and content to play happily with kitchen utensils. 

She still doesn't really go anywhere-- although she did roll out of her room the other day. I have only found her on her tummy once after putting her to sleep on her back. Usually she stays in the same place when she sleeps, and she is only just this week able to sleep with her arms unswaddled.

I wish I would have had another baby between Jack and Cooper and that we had been able to have one in the 7 years between Dorothy and Minnie. Babies are my favorite.

So happy to sit on the floor and play with a spoon:

There has never been a more adored baby
Also! I have never adored making baby food so much!
Thank god spring is on the way, and we can resume our afternoon walks. With babies, natch.

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