Tuesday, March 23, 2021

1000 Hours Outside-- Back on the Hunt!

 We are totally going to log our 1000 hours outside! Thanks to the hockey rink, the kids got outside every day even when the weather was awful. If we can be out for an average of 4 hours/day for March and April, we can slooooow down to the regular average of 2.7/day for summer-- although jeeping the hours up for summer will help us for December.

So far, that's no problem, although it's more like 7 hours Saturday and Sunday (EIGHT both days for Dorothy) and fewer during the week. We're working on it, is my point, and baseball season is right around the corner.

Tiny cup: adorable, hilarious,. and really useful

SINK BATH! Everyone loves a good sink bath.
I am in love with his sock/shoe combo-- you??
Can you tell which side she was napping on?
Fencer baby! Now that Minnie can control her arms, she is a much better sleeper. We are talking a super solid afternoon nap and loooooooong night sleep. 
Hi, this is Dorothy, a VORACIOUS READER and I am here for it!
Minnie on a hike
Dorothy is not the kind of hiker who should have a stick.
This lasted... not very long.
Seeesters in the sun. Minnie got this jean jacket from her grandparents for Christmas, and it is the perfect spring coat and makes all of her clothes more adorable.
I cannot believe this adorable little bear lives in our house. We are so lucky.
Dorothy being outdoorsy

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