Friday, December 11, 2020

Sleep Regression BOOOOOOOO

 Sweet, wonderful, PRESHUS, 17-week-old Minnie Marigold, she of the silly hairline, the champion side eye, the constant drool stream, the dimpled knuckles, is dipping her fat little toes into the water of the dread four month sleep regression. AND IT SUPER SUCKS.

She is not napping well, and this makes her REALLY ANGRY.

She is not going to bed well.

And? She is waking up every hour to latch on and have a snack. We're both feeling a little tired and crabby.

Also, my hormones took an abrupt turn for the stabby, and I am just waiting for my hair to start shedding. GORGEOUS. There are moments when Min is asleep, and I am inexplicably awake, which makes me SO MAD. Like hulk smash mad. Which, of course, DOES NOT HELP ME GO BAK TO SLEEP.

So. Minnie and I are tired. 

The end of the semester is very end-of-the-semester-y.

My plan is to take a nap with her this afternoon, so wish me luck.

Seriously, though. The benefit of having SO! MANY! BABIES! is that I know this is just a phase and she'll be back to her happy sleepy self in no time. If I didn't have this blog to record all of my whining, I wouldn't even remember it.

Speaking of whining, read my latest Madison Mom post HERE.

I am too tired at night to read Junie B with Dorothy, so we have been squeezing it into our afternoons.

LOOK HOW TIRED. And, conversely, how awake. Gah.
A quiet nap-tivity
OMG her hairline.
So little! So serious!
We have also been squeezing a walk in every afternoon-- can we keep it up when the weather takes a turn for the winter? STAY TUNED.

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