Friday, December 18, 2020

Tunic Tops and Sensible Flats: A Postpartum Wardrobe

 That title is a TOTAL LIE because I only wear bare feet.  That basically look like hooves because I have not had a pedicure since FEBRUARY. Isn't that just my luck? I was due for both a pedi and a haircut when the pandemic hit. And then! I missed the relatively safer numbers this summer because I was pregnant and avoiding EVERYTHING. SO now? Totally unkempt in every possible way.

Which brings me to the title of this post and my current wardrobe wants.

Like it or not, there are some times I need to NOT be wearing pajamas. Zooms, I am looking at you. But! I have a 4-month-old and the body that comes with it. SO! That brings me to TUNIC TOPS! My new solution for looking pulled together and also covering my muffin top. A MULTI-TASKER. And sorely needed since I lost 15 pounds before I got pregnant and sized down accordingly. And (global pandemic) haven't bought any -- like for real ANY-- new clothes.

Thanks to a partnership with this blog and Responsival, I found an amazing new shop that is woman-owned and uses sustainable materials AND has lovely, flowy tunics that are perfect for me right now.

I ordered the Audrey collared tunic, and I completely love it.

It's perfect with my favorite leggings (seriously-- these are GREAT) and the fabulous shoes I bought and HAVE STILL NOT WORN OUT OF THE HOUSE. Now all I need is another long open cardi. or two and I am set for the foreseeable. That sounds reasonable, right? Leggings, tunic, sweater repeat? I wish I were better at combinations and permutations so I could figure out exactly how many of this exact same look (lewk?) I need to get through until the tundra thaws in, oh, say, APRIL. At which point, I will switch to maxi dresses and sandals until it's time for-- you guessed it-- tunic season again. This way, I never have to lose weight or look at my thighs FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I am a genius.

How cute is this packaging, though?

And when I can leave the house again some day, I am going to LOVE these shoes!!
Pulled together. Sort of! Which is as good as it gets, my friends.
tunic tops


  1. I want a pair of Rothys SO BAD. Those red ones are adorable!!

  2. Looking cute! You may need to rethink your spring/summer plan, though, a maxidress would not be great for breastfeeding or pumping in!