Tuesday, December 22, 2020

So many things!

 Ok. I have failed in posting to this blog this month! The end of the semester. The four-month sleep regression. The KIDS' end of the semester-- all conspired against my productivity. So! Here are all of the things (besides Hanukkah, which is getting its own post in a moment):

I feel like you are up to date on Minnie. She vomits a lot but does not mind. Her day sleep is improving, and her night sleep is garbage right now.
She is almost always in someone's arms-- LUCKY BABY.
I have started stashing her in the sink when I do my makeup. She likes it. This will become an abrupt FAIL the day she learns how to turn on the faucet.
The big kids are great. Harry and Jack are doing really well academically. Dorothy and Cooper have amazing teachers. I think our misguided school district is going to open its doors peak pandemic and peak cold and flue season.  We are, of course, keeping them home because ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
Oh, Minnie, How could I not have blogged these pictures the second they happened??

Cooper is KILLING IT at being a big brother these days-- to both Dorothy and Minnie,
Ben made an backyard rink for the kids, and it is getting WAY EASIER  to help them have 60 minutes of outdoor time every day.
Sweet friends gave us this perfect hat.
Peanut pie:
SOOOOO not trying to bury the lede-- just blogging in the order my pictures upload. Ben got a new job, which is a weird process in the middle of a pandemic. He's director of marketing and communications at a nearby university in our state system, and I could not be prouder of him or happier for him. Here he is in his faux-ffice toasting the last day of work in the Evers administration.

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