Friday, July 01, 2016

Hashtag summer

 So, when we last spoke, it was the eve of a 5-kid playdate, and I was a little apprehensive.

But I didn't need to be because it was great!  Sure, the kids trashed the basement (like, seriously), but they were all so darn happy, and I didn't have to break up the usual supply of fights.

They played in the back yard, played in the basement, and even went to the park to play baseball because Harry told everyone ahead of time to bring their mitts.  I walked to the park with water and popsicles, and they were so cute!  They also loved playing with the water slide-- it kept their attention most of the day.
 I was just basically around to be a lifeguard because Dorothy and Cooper were also playing with the water slide.
 And Beatriz couldn't decide if the water slide scared her or looked delicious, so Ben had to put up a tiny fence to keep her away.  Bonus!  The kids stayed inside the fence like it was a play pen.
 Clean up exhausted Dorothy and her Solo cup full of organic cheese puffs.
 Ben was working late, so it took every last ounce of energy in my body to take everyone to the pool for a seriously half-assed picnic.
 Since Dorothy took a nap, she wasn't going to go to bed before 8 (and it was a 20 minute nap, but it doesn't matter-- if that kid spends any time after lunch with her eyes shut, a 7:00 bedtime is pipe dream), so we stayed almost until pool-closing and took showers there.  As you can see, it was kind of chilly.
The rest of the week was kind of a blur.  We really just hung out.  I went to my office and did some work.

I made cinnamon rolls from scratch while the kids played at the kitchen table.
 The first session of swim lessons ended, and the kids got treats from their teachers.  Dorothy has never experienced a Pixie Stick before, and I swear it made her a little loopy, even though I think the idea of a sugar high is crap.

We have a great children's museum in our town, but we almost never go because it's hard to keep track of everyone and engage them all in activities.  So!  In a moment of genius, I made plan with a friend who has kids Jack and Cooper's age and only took Jack and Cooper.  It was wicked fun, and the kids played for over 2 hours together while we sat around.

 Amazingly, they had the most fun in the 5 and under area where they donned animal vests and played a really involved multi-level game about being pioneers for over an hour.
 And then of course we got ice cream because, I mean, why not?  Hashtag summer.

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