Sunday, July 31, 2016

Another week? Worst blogger ever.

HOW am I not blogging for a WEEK?  HOW is that a thing that keeps happening?

Maybe because NOTHING HAPPENS around here.  Also, I spent all of last week watching the DNC and ugly crying.

Seriously, I am surprised at the depth of emotion I feel about this election.  I have always LOVED Hillary Clinton and was pro-Hillary in 2008, so I knew I'd be excited to vote for her in the general election.  I mean, my MA thesis was on her 1995 Beijing "women's rights are human rights" speech for goodness sake. But something about the idea of a woman president, and her white suit, and the wonderful speeches leading up to Thursday made me unable to talk about this election without bursting into tears.

Today, a friend and I signed up to volunteer with the Hillary for America Madison office, and I am really excited to knock on doors and call people and stuff envelopes and write letters to newspaper editors and do whatever else I can possibly do in these next 100 days.

Other things that have happened besides a deep political awakening:

Dorothy and Cooper started sleeping in the same room, which means we are only using 3/5 of our bedrooms for sleeping and may make Dorothy's room a homework.craft room.

Jack perfected his diving board back flip, and Harry finally learned how to do one.

Ben spent the night at a poker party for one of his high school friends, and I showed Harry and Jack Stand by Me which they instantly loved.

My grad school BFF and her lovely family came to town for the weekend to attend a wedding, and we got to see them for 3 days, and Dorothy fell in love with my friend's daughter, who is a week older than she is, and ugly cried when they left today which was both sad and sweet.

I didn't lose any weight this week, meaning I am still 5 pounds over my fattest non-pregnant weight ever, and my high school reunion is still right around the corner.  Gah!

My computer is almost out of memory because of my photos, but I have optimized my photo library so full pics are in the cloud and I thought that meant that I couldn't run out of room, and I think I am so old I have to sign up for one of those workshops at the Apple store for idiots who don't know how to use their own computers.

Photos from a whole damn week already:

Monday, AKA my hell day where Ben works 15 freaking hours (which I am sure is a picnic for him, too):

Pool dinner
 Brownie snack after bouncing on the water slide
 Tuesday:  (I was at work most of the day)

Dorothy did some morning art.  We moved the Lego table upstairs because Harry was doing Legos, and then we just kind of left it there when Baby Henry was at our house because he liked to eat at it, and now it;s still there because it's handy to have a table next to the couch.  WHO KNEW.

I took the kids on an uphill, mile-long trudge to see acres and acres of gorgeous sunflowers taller than I am.
 They were unimpressed.
 And then Harry carried Dorothy to the car (part way) because he is a great big brother.
 We followed that with a trip to a splash pad, which was largely too cold for Dorothy so she laid out in the sun retro style.
 Jack LOVED it.
 Thursday was the day I read Hillary Clinton stuff and watched her speech and sobbed.  And Ben gave the little kids a fun ride to bath.
Friends came over for snacks, but Cooper couldn't wait.
 Ben and I scored a sitter to see the new Bourne movie, our first solo date in months.  It was lovely.
 I totally love this picture.
 Old friends
 With kids!
 And some very responsible pre-dinner fro-yo.


  1. Normally my favorite pictures are of Dorothy but this time it's Cooper for the win!!! I'm in love with his face of pure joy thanks to Ben dragging him to the bath.
    And second place goes to .... You! You look gorgeous and young in your date night selfie.

  2. High five for Hillary volunteering - my sister is the political director for the Hillary for WI campaign so maybe you'll run into her in the offices :)