Monday, July 25, 2016

A thrill a minute around here.

I HAVE LOST 3 POUNDS!  In like 15 days, but that's OK.  The old metabolism ain't what she used to be, OBVI.

Harry and Jack are taking golf lessons and are clearly wild about them. They hit balls any chance they get.  And one of those chances was on Thursday morning.  I bumped into them and Cooper, who dressed himself like The Dude, on my way home from my walk.  I was charmed, and the kids rarely charm me lately.
 Poor sick baby Henry spent the morning with us before his dad took him to the doctor and found out he had hand, foot, and mouth!!!  No symptoms here.  YET.
 I maintain that it would have been hot enough to bake these cookies on the dashboard, but a huge storm came through, and the temps dropped 20 degrees in a matter of minutes.  It was creepy.
 These peppers!  Better than chips almost when making nachos.
 The storm knocked out power, but the kids played with flashlights and watched Guardians of the Galaxy on my computer.  Jack turned to me and said, "Did this ever happen to you when you were a kid?"  I was like um yeah it must have in a kind of dismissive way because I don't remember any specific incidents.  He bleated, "Were you really scared, too?" And I felt SO BAD FOR HIM.  I never even considered that they might be scared.  But, as Jack explained, they'd never experienced a power outage before.  Oops.
 I read my book by candlelight and had a lovely evening.

 We had a thrilling rainy Saturday spent cleaning out storage rooms.  I consolidated all of the (upstairs) art stuff into a big box, and the kids played together nicely for over an hour.  Magic.
 We went out Saturday night with fun friends and paid the price Sunday morning FOR SURE.
 No caption needed:

And now it's MONDAY.  And there are swimming and diving lessons screaming my name.  Erm.  My kids' names.

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