Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We finally after 10 years of parenting figured out how to survive the cranky pre dinner hour!

Drink a bottle of wine.

That's not totally great diet advice, though.  But!  My diet has been going great!  Except for today after dinner when I ate a bunch of chocolate chips ad Teddy Grahams cleaning up the kitchen.  I should NEVER be left alone to clean up the kitchen.  And I am slated to g out for both lunch and dinner on Friday.  But never fear!  I will have a terrific weigh in on Sunday if it kills me.

Hey!  I am around the internet in other places!

See my LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER performance here (LTYM was a dream of an experience.  If there's a show in your city, you should absolutely audition-- it was so fun!) (And I am trying to be body positive, but damn I would pick a different dress if I had my druthers).

Also, I filmed a bunch of Moms Everyday minute-long clips last month, and they are starting to air.  Here's the first one here.

I also wrote 2 posts for my local city moms' blog before it went on a July hiatus.  I think maybe I shared them before, but they are here and here.

Um, what else?

MY DRYER WORKS again thank goodness.  It was a looong weekend of hanging clothes in the back yard.  Harry almost fainted when he saw his boxers swaying in the breeze.

I worked in my office on Tuesday and have an actual meeting on campus tomorrow like a person with a job or something (which, of course, I m, but summer and online teaching makes me forget).

We are spending a little time everyday with sweet little Henry, and it's been really fun except for Dorothy who turns into a jealous little monster.

But aren't they a cute little pair?
 He really wanted to stand in the shopping cart
 So of course Cooper did too.
 Also, I really like that he likes my food.

 Dorothy dressed Kit in a Bitty Twin dress (so short!) and marched her to the park.
 To gracefully go down the slide.
 And Jack!  Can do the monkey bars! He has been scared of them since he broke his wrist after falling off monkey bars like 3 years ago.
 Nobody panic!  I have a rainy day plan, and it looks pretty solid.  (No, not the sriracha hummus, although, now that you mention it...)
 This looks cute, but seconds later, there was a triple tantrum and we had to evacuate.  I came back with Harry after dropping the 3 (THREE?? SERIOUSLY??) screamers off at home.
It's my fault, though, because I kept Harry and Jack up until 11 seeing Ghostbusters.  WHICH WAS GREAT, haters be damned.  We ain't afraid of no patriarchy.

(Actually, I am really, really afraid of the patriarchy.  Thanks, RNC).

BONUS:  Dorothy is taking a Frozen ballet camp, and this video is my favorite:


  1. I can't stop laughing about porn streaming in Cleveland being off the charts since the RNC started. And I love your LTYM piece!

  2. The video address is invalid and while I should let it go, I really want to see Dorothy dance.