Saturday, July 02, 2016

June: What I Read

Halfway through the year's reading, and this month was really really good.  Like, I feel bad ranking any of these books last because they were all wonderful.  This could be a summer must-read list-- that's how great these books were.  Also, I really struggled with where to place the Lisa Gardner book.  I love her.  I love when her new books come out, and I tear through them in less than 24 hours, but I know she can't really compete with, say, Emma Straub, whose books bring me less initial excitement but probably leave me more satisfied.  Or, maybe I am just not strong enough to put pulp fiction at the top of my list because I am a big posey poser.  Either way.

10.  All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Andrews:  This is creepy but enchanting.  Not quite Station Eleven  or The Night Circus or even The Age of Miracles, but it does a good job of creating a universe that's fantastic.

9.  All Stories Are Love Stories by Elizabeth Percer:  The plot of this book is great, but the characters and the actual writing?  Didn't totally work for me.  Still, it was a fast and engaging read.

8.  Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld:  This is my first Sittenfeld, and I really liked it-- almost enough to put the rest of her stuff on hold at the library, but I am working through several summer reading must-lists right now.  I have to tell you something, though.  I have never read ANY Jane Austen.  I KNOW.  I am culturally literate enough to understand the plot and have heard of the characters in Pride and Prejudice, so I could still enjoy this book, but I wonder if I would enjoy it even more if I had read Austen.  (I have also never read the Bronte sisters. Or Tolstoy. OMFG-- there-- I said it for you.)

7.  Dear Fang, With Love by Rufi Thorpe:  This book is charming and sad and lovely.  Check it out.  Like, literally.  From your library.

6.  Happy Family by Tracy Barone:  I cannot even handle that this is a debut novel.  Jealous for sure.

5.  The After Party by Anton DiSclafani:  WOW!  I had not idea I was interested in Huston high society in the 1960s, but BOY AM I.

4.  Find Her by Lisa Gardner:  Loved it.  D.D. Warren is edging out Kay Scarpetta as my favorite female crime solving ass kicker.

3.  Modern Lovers by Emma Straub:  SO GREAT.  And also, if you have not read The Vacationers get that one too.

2.  End of Watch by Stephen King:  A perfect ending to the Bill Hodges trilogy.

1.  Everybody's Fool by Richard Russo:  I, of course, adored this book.  Russo is my favorite living author, and Straight Man is my favorite book of all time.  This one was lovely and reminded me more of The Risk Pool (so great-- if you haven't read it, you should get if from Amazon or your library pretty much right now) even more than Nobody's Fool, the prequel.  As soon as I finished it, all I wanted to do was read it again.

I think I have only read 56 books this year (WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!) so I need to move a little faster these next couple of months if I want to set any new records.  And who knows.  Maybe I don't.  Here's to hoping for a banner month in July.  Maybe.

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