Sunday, June 26, 2016

I am so fat my arms are the size of thighs.


And you know what?  I can't STOP EATING.

Part of me thinks we might have another baby, so I have been reluctant to get my crazy giant eating under control (not sure how to punctuate that but OBVS mean that I eat like a crazy fucking giant (see thigh-arms)).  But then we had so much fun with our kids this weekend, and I realized that I will always have to mourn the last baby no matter which baby that is, and it's great to go out for brunch and do fun things around town with these very kids that we have right now.  Will a baby cramp our styles and strain our budget?  So, anyway, I NEED TO STOP EATING SO MUCH but today I ave had a brat and fries for lunch and nachos and champagne for dinner, so shit.

But, BONUS!  Harry got a FitBit from my parents for his birthday, so I am working so hard to keep up with him.  Which I never will.

Jack!!  LOVES TO VACUUM!  This is obviously a wonderful development.

 Moments after I took this adorable Friday night picture of these fools ordering a garbage dinner from the pool snack shack, they all lost their damn shit at adult swim, and we had to go home, which really sucked because Ben was in Chicago for a memorial service for his speech coach, so I was on my own for bedtime and planned to shower them at the pool and stay super late.  Then, to add insult to injury, I woke up the next day to see that our friends who were at the pool with me when the kids freaked out had a fun smores party after the pool closed that we missed because MELTDOWNS.
 Saturday, we took the kids downtown for brunch, which turned out to be really fun (SO WEIRD), which was the catalyst for rethinking potential baby 5.  Also, WHERE DID MY COLLAR BONE GO?  I haven't been too fat for a collar bone since the 6th grade.
 Dorothy, admiring the ceiling in the capitol rotunda
 which is worth lying on cold dirty marble for:
 Back on the Terrace!
 Hams, again:
 Thigh arms and hidden collar bone at the pool.
 Have I mentioned that I love the pool?

 Ben took the boys to the PGA tournament by our house
 They were excited to see Brett Favre.
 We told the kids to dress fancy today.  LOLz for days.
 Lunch!  With iPads!
 Apres-lunch darts.  Like you do.

 Arms the size of legs.  And 3 cute kids
 They played outside for over 3 hours!!  WIN!!
 Family nacho and Big Brother night!  An excellent, albeit fattening, tradition.
Cross your fingers for me-- there are 5 10-year-old boys coming over here to hang out all day tomorrow.  Gulp.


  1. Ok. I'll admit it. When I saw your headline I immediately thought, "is she pregnant!!??!!! :-)"
    So rethinking baby #5 makes me sad. You two are such amazing parents that I think you should be in charge of repopulating Wisconsin.

    Jack & Dorothy look so adorable in the "dress fancy" picture. It looks like they coordinated their outfits. So. Stinkin. Cute.

  2. It was our last outing that helped solidify our "no more babies" decision. Ten hours with no diapers and no stroller. Everyone was fun and easy. So different (and a little bittersweet.)

  3. Good luck with the party! And those are lovely, non-thigh arms.