Sunday, May 15, 2016

I'm 38!

 I totally love both of these pictures, the one above this caption and the one below.
 We had a totally great time at the Elks Club for my birthday-- we were supposed to play whiffle ball at this really cool stadium you can rent, but it was 30 and rainy, so we went to the Elks, which has pull tab lotto tickets, really stiff drinks, and amazing burgers.  Pretty much a perfect combo.
 The best friends are the ones who bake you gorgeous cakes.

 For breakfast, I had a flaming apple fritter
 and 2 of these huge donuts and another one when I came home from giving a final exam.
 Our usual date night picture:
 On the way to pick up friends to drive to dinner, Ben took me to the golf course bar where the bartender said, "It's the birthday girl!"and made this shot that tasted exactly like chocolate cake.
Seriously, you guys.  SUCH a fun night.  I hope the rest of 38 is this much fun!

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  1. Looks like a great birthday! And if you're not compiling your date night pictures into a super cute/cheezy Shutterfly book, you really should be. Just sayin'...