Friday, May 20, 2016

Tonsils, day 1

 I think it's going to be hard to keep Cooper chill these next few days while his throat heals.  And Jack, too, for that matter.

Because yes, they BOTH got their tonsils and adenoids removed this morning, one right after the other, Cheaper by the Dozen style.

They took a tour of the hospital a couple of weeks ago, and because it is a children's hospital, they were totally charmed by the playroom and all the toys and iPads and DVD players and ridiculously friendly staffers, and they were EXCITED to go this morning, which made me feel terrible.

Wednesday before the tonsils, I took Dorothy and Cooper to the zoo for 3 hours, and we had the best time.
 Dorothy could have watched these bears all day.
 She loves being big enough for this park
 The penguins are always their favorite.
 It was also Beatrix's birthday
 Him, too.
 Cooper picked Ben to go back with him, and Jack picked me, so we both got to suit up.
 OMG the bags under my eyes.
 Poor Cooper is allergic to Ibuprofen, poor guy, so he's recovering with just Tylenol.  Gulp.
They are on a really stupidly staggered med schedule and are sleeping in Cooper's room.  Cross your fingers for a smooth night interrupted only by 3 alarms to give meds...

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  1. Good luck! Smart to double them up but ugh. I hope they feel awesome soon.