Monday, May 23, 2016

Tonsils, Day 4



The whining might kill me.

Cooper is probably going to be the only kid ever to GAIN weight when he gets his tonsils out because he is enjoying unfettered access to chocolate ice cream, scrambled eggs, jarred peaches, melted chocolate chips, eggless cookie dough, and all the yogurt tubes he can suck down his complaint hole.

Jack, though, had a really rough day today with no appetite-- even for a Popsicle and Sierra Mist slushie, which I thought would be a huge hit-- and constant ear pain.  He rotated ibuprofen and Tylenol, used a heating pad, and laid around in his bed/Ben's bed/the couch watching TV almost all day, which is pretty much his favorite thing to do in the whole world.  In a fit of boredom, I walked everyone across the street to pick up Harry, and a little girl from Jack's class saw him loitering and ran up to give him a hug and ask me if they could have a playdate and tell him the whole class made him a card. Sure enough, Harry had the card in his backpack, and it boosted Jack's spirits considerably.

Saturday and Sunday Harry and Dorothy and I got out of dodge.  Saturday, we all three went to Dorothy's ballet class, lunch at Panera, and the zoo.  Then we dropped Dorothy off at home and Harry and I went to baseball and dinner at the golf course restaurant. Sunday, Harry and I met all of our friends and their kids back at that same restaurant-- where the staff was not super happy when they told me and Harry to sit anywhere we liked and we were all, "actually there's 22 of us."

Today Ben went to work and Harry went to school, and the tonsil kids and Dorothy and I had a lazy, whiny day, which is pretty much what the rest of our week looks like.

Ballet for 3 year olds= CUTEST EVER like I always suspected.
 And snack after the zoo, natch.

 Golf course restaurant dinner.
 That's an 18-month dress
 Golf course restaurant dinner, take 2:

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  1. Adorable plaid! Hope all are feeling better.