Friday, May 06, 2016

Since I've Been Gone

Ben and I chaired a silent auction and carnival at the kids' school, and it ate our entire lives for the last 2 weeks of April and most of mine this week because I have been dealing with the financials (why no, no I am not the treasurer.  Hmmmmm.)  So, here are eleventy billion pictures of what we've been up to in the meantime:

Harry and Jack had twin day at school, and I found this pick of them twinning 8 years ago:

 Here's a half-assed Skirtathon outfit I forgot:
 Beach Day (the school carnival was tropical themed, and the school day before was beach day)!
 I took this picture the minute we finished set up, seconds before we went to the golf course bar and the bartender said he was so sorry he was out of martini glasses and served my cosmo in a tumbler.  Which was JUST WHAT I NEEDED.
 Ballet Dorothy!
 We had a babysitter for Dorothy and Cooper so Ben and I could work the event and Harry and Jack could roam, but I sneaked away to watch Cooper, who was PRESHUS.

At the after party:
 I found this on the front porch:
 I was in so far over my head the week of the fundraiser (the week before the LAST WEEK OF CLASSES AT MY SCHOOL) that the kids made their own lunches, even.
 There's always time for the library:
 This is basically how I feel all the time:
 While I was slamming clothes on Dorothy before we ran out the door in time to take every one to two schools and take Harry out to special breakfast before his doctors appointment I tasked them with taking a selfie in their May 4th shirts.
 I mean, this diner is famous for pie, so.

 I heard a weird splishy sound one day during lunch and saw that Dorothy had painted her body with her apple-dipping peanut butter.
 I have teal toes after a weird nail polish selection moment.  I always buy the color of polish my tech uses so I can have it on hand for touch ups, so now I have months and months of teal toes if I want them, but, um, I don't.
 It's all of the sudden gorgeous, so we can go to the park after dinner-- I love when our days have that rhythm.

 Cooper can climb trees, and our trees are climbable. BOTH MILESTONES.

 Jack had a check up today, and we went to our favorite greasy sppoon, as per our tradition.  My favorite!
And now for some self-promotion.

First, COME SEE LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER at the Barrymore at 3:00 on Sunday, May 8.  I will be reading something from this very blog!!  Buy your tickets HERE.

And I wrote THIS on the Madison Moms Blog, so check it out!!

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  1. My annual comment... I loved the article about your grandmother! At 38, I miss my grandmother so much it hurts at times but I'm ever so grateful to have had her in my life for 37 years...