Tuesday, February 04, 2014

So many hats!

Today is a day when I realize how many different hats I wear. 

I spent the morning enjoying a workout, playing with Dorothy on The Little Gym's Big! Red! Mat! and pushing her lazily around Target as we bought Cooper's diapers and wipes, and Dorothy's and my hair notions.

 I finished The Goldfinch over lunch (LOVED it) and counted my daily calories (I have 935 to squander for dinner and snacks and wine). 

Then it was off to my office where I worked on a committee I am on that meets next week and did some PTO organizing for the boys' school. 

Next up was a 2.5 hour class where we discussed the 1848 Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions and Elizabeth Cady Stanton's 1892 Solitude of Self address. I furiously graded 20 discussion papers immediately after class ended. 

 Now, I am gearing up for a busy hour picking the babies up from the hockey rink and desparately cleaning the house before the babysitter arrives to spell Ben and me for a PTO meeting. We'll rush home from that to put everyone to bed and collapse exhausted on the couch with beer and leftover super bowl food. 

And then tomorrow, we'll run a slightly different-- but largely the same --gauntlet. Phew!

My dad is still in the ICU. Harry has another cardiologist appointment Friday. Keep those good thought coming. 

Hair notions in action:
Cooper was not to be outdone:


  1. Sending good thoughts!

    Love the mini-ponytail!

  2. i love the term "hair notions"

    Seriously, when I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew, in terms of my writing classes and volunteer stuff for Ethan's school and getting rid of my house cleaners, etc (mainly because I'm lazy and prefer to run on way less than full capacity), I am inspired by your many, many hats. You make it look easy and fulfilling and it reminds me that I've got a lot more to give than I think I do.