Monday, February 24, 2014


I am only writing this because I am going to cross off every damn thing on my list today if it kills me and one of those things was to blog. So there. 

You guys. The pencil skirt I am wearing is cutting off circulation to my stomach. And even though I will be on a beach in a mere 89 days, I cannot stop eating. WTF?

I had a perfectly reasonable half whole wheat bagel with 48-calories of peanut butter for breakfast. Then I mindlessly ate 10 animal crackers with my coffee. Ok. Carb heavy but only 305 calories for the morning and my morning workout burns 350, so, no big deal. 

I had a quesadilla with 2 50-calorie corn tortillas, a red pepper, a green onion, and 2 TBS of cheese for lunch with some salsa and an orange. A perfectly respectable 340 calories. Then I had a leftover cup of chocolate mousse. Only 100 calories. Until I added whipped cream, a handful of chocolate chips, and a crushed Oreo. WTAF? Now 225 calories. Which is a grand total of 870 calories which means WTF  am I going to eat for dinner??

I actually have 930 left because I start with 1450 because breast feeding is awesome and then I add 350 for my workout. But between a handful of this here and that there and a mouthful of chocolate chips here, I am sure I go over my goal everyday. Which is why I am still only down the same 10-ish pounds. I want to lose at least 15 more-- some days it's more like 17. 

But apparently I don't want to lose it because the eating. 

Ok. Back to my list. I will surely be up all night finishing the "grade essays" bullet. 

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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    love your family :-)
    Mostly your kids , my daughter was chubby until 1 then she turned all oval face and lean :-(
    Dorothy is ADORABLEEEE