Saturday, February 08, 2014

Dorothy walks! (Only 5 or 6 steps on her own in a row but like crazy with a push-toy)

Enjoy these videos of Dorothy pushing stuff around:

Today, we enjoyed our annual VALENTINE CRAFT-A-PALOOZA which is a huge mess but just consists of the boys assembling little gift bags of crap from Target, signing Valentine cards also from Target and cutting out card stock hearts, punching holes in them, writing classmates' names on them and affixing them to plastic bags with ribbons from-- you guessed it-- Target.
 Dorothy is totally self-feeding, and I love the giant mess she makes.
 Harry's completely adorable Valentines.
 OMG-- The Lego Movie is fantastic!  Also, I love taking Cooper to the movies-- he is a huge fan too.  But he is too cool to sit by me-- he needed to be in his own row with his disgusting array of snacks.  he kept running up to me to give me a kiss mid-movie.  It was a 9:30 show this morning, and the theater was pretty empty.  Cooper is not a peak-time movie-goer just yet.
 Getting a virus at the grocery store today while Ben and Dorothy paid and Harry was down the street from our house at a cookie party.
 Watching Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse over pizza in front of the tube because the table was occupied with V-Day craft-a-palooza
 Jack's Valentines, even cuter because they are clutched in his dirty little 5-year-old boy hands.

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  1. such cute Valentines!

    I love that they're so mesmerized by Barbie movies. Adorbs.