Thursday, February 20, 2014

Waaaaaaaah: Wambulance Edition

Sorry about the radio silence over here.  I have been felled by horrendous PMS.  Hormones so out of control I violated my cardinal rule of work life balance and have STILL not graded the 19 project prospectus papers and annotated bibliographies sitting in my bag since Tuesday.  Holy hell.


As you can probably imagine, this shirt will never be the same.
Cooper had a fever (just his regularly scheduled I LICK EVERYTHING virus of the month), and he was cold, so I blew his hair dry before bed.  So much body!!
A full tme walker, Dorothy needed shoes.  She got those shiny little mary janes at Stride Rite.  A good neutral first step (ha! get it?) but now I am pretty uich obsessed with searching for THE MOST ADORABLE shoes.
Cooper loves to shovel.
Jack prefers lounging.
Harry:  SO BIG.

Not only has PMS rendered me completely useless and unable to do anything but sit on the couch and internet shop (the eye cream that Ulta got me hooked on via free gift is $70.  NOT COOL, ULTA) and eat cookies-- cookies that I baked-- erm, bake-- EVERYDAY,  but Dorothy is finally getting another tooth, and as a result, she can only sleep between the hours of midnight and 6 am latched on to me at every single second.  SO SNUGGLY.  Someday, I will miss my sweaty little bedfellow-- that's what I keep telling myself anyway.


  1. Ugh PMS. Can't wait for that to start happening again. Feel better!

    Also, Harry looks like he's about fourteen. How does this happen?

  2. Your hair is gorgeous!
    Ugh. I'm so far behind on grading that I may turn back the midterm and the final together :( Balance is hard.