Sunday, May 26, 2013

Family fun time!

 So! Much! Togetherness!

In preparation for a summer where the 6 of us will spend every waking (and sleeping for that matter) moment together 6 full days a week, we crammed a ton of togetherness into this weekend.  AND IT'S NOT EVEN OVER YET!

Yesterday ,morning we bundled everyone up in the 50-degree chill to hit the downtown farmers market.  OMG it was crowded.  Ben could not handle walking at a snail's pace around the capitol in a throng of hippies, posers, and tourists, so we bought some popcorn, a funny onesie for Dorothy, and fresh sugar donuts while Cooper shrieked in the BOB and Dorothy snuggled in the Moby.  Then we let Cooper run free and went to 5 Guys for a fatty lunch.  Tip:  If you only eat half a little burger and half an order of fries, your lunch is only about 400 calories.
 Brotherly love:
 Cooper was there, too, I promise.
 Ben and I put the babies to bed and got a sitter for the big kids and went to a fantastic little supper club with friends Saturday night.  My bloody Mary was so awesomely supper-club-in-Wisconsin that I had to take a picture.  Asparagus! Green beans! Sausage!  Now THAT is a drink. 

This morning, we thought OMG why do we never go to the beautiful arboretum?  It took us 2 hours from the moment we had this thought until the moment we actually GOT to the arboretum (which is only like 7 minutes from our house) because evreyone was such a damn pain in the ass, which was really the answer to our question.  But still.  We stayed for hours as the whine fest escalated, and we finished with a picnic at a neighboring park.

Dorothy, dressed for her hike:
Cooper was really excited to roam free like the big boys

 He even brought a camera.
 Harry collapsed dramatically to record a deer citing in his field journal.
 Jack was scared of snakes in this log.
 Dorothy didn't really like it-- we could never get a good wrap going.
 I thought for sure this stick business was going to end badly, but Ben still has both his eyes.
 Cooper is such a little man eating at the picnic table, and he won't be 2 until after the summer.
 A relaxing moment.
It was 60 and raining today (but no thunder or lightening!) so Harry and Jack begged to be taken to the pool.  I reluctantly agreed and had to wear a sweatshirt and wrap Dorothy in a blanket while those two lunatics swam, dove and went down the slide.

Ben built a fire with Harry and Jack after the babies went to bed (because that's how cold it is here), and they made Jiffy Pop and S'Mores, much to everyone's delight.  Ben wanted me to put Cooper to bed so he could get a head start on the fire.  We proposed this plan to Cooper who disagreed vehemently because he loves Ben the most.  When we first had Dorothy, Cooper was really depressed (I think that's why he was so sick, and I am only sort of kidding-- Ben suggested he go on baby Paxil).  Now, though, he just knows he has been jilted, and he's pissed about it.  He does not want my sloppy put-him-to-bed seconds, thank you very much.

I was going to complain about how fat I am, but Ben just made a huge cheese and hummus snack, so, um, maybe later.


  1. You guys are all so cute! I love the hiking pictures best of all. The tiny hats!

  2. You're right, I couldn't handle 50 in June.

    Looks like a great weekend!

  3. Its been freezing here, too!!! California! In May! 50's in the day and our heat pops on at night--crazy!

    And was that really a piece of sausage in your bloody mary? I have never seen a meat garnish before....

    Looks like a great time, in spite of the cold. I can't believe how grown up Cooper is for a toddler. So cute!

  4. Okay, you had me busting up on Facebook and then you post even crisper pictures here which has me rolling again--its the swimming pictures Sarah-I cannot spy ONE other person in ANY of the pictures at the public pool. Which makes it that much better. Flippin hilarious.