Thursday, May 23, 2013


Cooper is screaming like this because I told him he could not touch the ant trap on the kitchen floor (YUM!  NOTHING SAYS CLEAN KITCHEN LIKE AN ANT TRAP!), but this was his exact face during his entire well-child check up on Wednesday.  And hey!  We were only 2 months late for his 18-month check up.  Go us!

He HATES going to the doctor so much that the doctor suggested we just delay his Hep A vaccine until his next appointment when he needs a flu shot anyway so he wouldn't have to get a shot which would totally confirm his idea that the doctor's office is a terrible place.

Speaking of vaccines, Dorothy T also had a check up and got her first round of shots.  She is 50th percentile across the board and showed off her awesome tummy time skills by rolling over on the exam table twice.

I am back on a monthly HMO massage schedule, and the one I got today was killer in a good way.  It hurt like hell at the time, which was totally unexpected because the therapist was this tiny, adorable little girl (who steamrolled the shit out of my shoulder), but I feel great now.  She said one of my legs is shorter than the other and one of them turns in because my hips are so messed up.  She thinks from childbirth; I think from the aftermath-- you know, carrying around 2 babies and 4 kids' worth of crap all the time.


  1. That picture is one for the wedding slide show for sure. Our PPO is based in Texas, so they probably think massage is a left wing tool of the devil. I should probably move.

  2. I am super jealous of your massages. I just found out my insurance won't pay for my chiropractic anymore because it counts as "maintenance" even though in reality it is more like the only way I can sleep or move. Annoying. I guess I need to go injure myself so it will be covered again, lol

    ps: you need to update your about me section - no mention of Dorothy T!!

  3. What a sad, but very cute little face!

  4. omg, that face!!!

    Massages are the best.

  5. Omg, that is what V looks like when she has anger. I will have to find a pic to show you.