Thursday, May 02, 2013

My blanky

He's home!
He feels fine but has to take lots of meds: ibuprofen every 8 hours to treat the inflammation he still has, Zantac twice a day in case the ibuprofen hurts his tummy, and penicillin twice a day for the rest of his life because he's being treated for rheumatic fever (!).  At least he learned how to swallow pills, so the Zantac and penicillin are easy peasy.  We follow up with the cardiologist tomorrow and the infectious disease doctor in 2 weeks and should know more then.  He went to school yesterday and was happy as a clam, though we are still washing off all the sticky gunk from his monitors, IVs, and chest drain.

Jack missed Harry the most and has almost stopped acting up to show his feelings.

Cooper feels better and is a total delight again.  He got a super hero shirt with a cape the other day, and I told him when he put it on that he had to use his super powers to protect his little sister.  He immediately went to the rock n play and patted her head.

He stayed there for awhile.
Until the knife drawer's siren song was too sweet.

Now back to our previously scheduled blathering about how sweet the baby is-- because there's a 7-week-old in the house, and that's what this blog should be all about!
The suspicious look!
Almost a smile for the monkey!
She slept sweetly in her bouncer the whole time Ben and I gorged on Indian take out (chicken jalfreezi, vegetables vindaloo, garlic naan!) and watched Veep and Amazing Race on the DVR to celebrate Harry's return.

Today she and I went to work, and we got tons done including lunch at my desk for both of us and cleaning up my filthy office-- and real work, too.

How in the world can this be my last experience with a 7-week-old?  She has barely ever slept anywhere but in my arms because I don't want to put her down and miss a single second. I drag her everywhere like she's my blanky.

Tomorrow, Harry has his 7th echocardiogram in 10 days.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Glad HArry is home!

    On the rheumatic fever, I would ask they check for autoimmune diseases too. We have friends with an 11yo that was "diagnosed" with that last fall because of inflammation in her ankle and other health issues. Turns out she had Chrones disease... I don't know if she had any heart issues, but I know they had to see a cardiologist and have the tests done, etc...

  2. So glad Harry is home! What a scary experience. I hope the follow-ups give you the information you need.

    Dorothy is SO SWEET. I am getting really excited about our girl!

  3. So glad Harry is home!
    Thinking of you guys!

  4. the picture of Harry with his "welcome home" sign makes me so happy!!! I love that Cooper is so protective of his baby sister (you know, except for the knives and all).

    and you know how I love all the ruffles and bows.

  5. Good God, who gets rheumatic fever anymore?! I feel like it's all "Little Women" up in here. SO SCARY.

    So glad he's home.

  6. Dude. I had to google rheumatic fever because I didn't actually know what it was. So glad he's home.

    Also, your baby is way adorable. :)