Thursday, May 30, 2013

Almost summer brreak

Dude, you guys, I barely have time to write this because OMG Ben and I are watching Scandal, and it is SO GOOD. I am usually super snobby about TV and rarely get hooked on plain old network shows (The Office and The Mindy Project and Big Brother as notable exceptions), but we have been looking for a new series to watch at night and our Facebook feeds have been flooded with people having a Scandal binge, so we downloaded the whole thing.  IT'S AWESOME.

A lovely Facebook friend sent me this cute onesie for Dorothy:
She has started to sort of like sleeping in the swing, which is good because OMG you guys, this baby DOES NOT NAP unless I (not Ben-- Ben makes her cry when she wants to sleep-- we found this out the hard way when I got a pedicure yesterday) sit on the couch or lie on my bed and hold her.  This is lovely, of course, but not always practical.
She gets really freaking crabby after dinner because, you know, she has gone a whole damn day without a nap
But as soon as we go outside and start walking, she is happy and calm.  And can you believe it is almost June and we are still bundling up to go outside?
Dorothy and Cooper have started to bathe together.  This is super dangerous for Dorothy.
I cannot get enough of her skinny jeans.
Cooper freaking LOVES the pool.  Unfortunately, he kind of thinks that he can swim and if he could just be allowed to jump off the diving board, he would paddle away like the big boys.
The pool deck makes Dorothy fall asleep.  I hope this trend continues all summer.
Cooper thinks the fountain might be a drinking fountain.
Harry cannot take a picture without posing.
He has also started swimming laps.
Oh, Cooper.  When Dorothy's not in her swing, he runs to the bathroom and gets a stool and climbs in.
Dorothy really enjoys our walks-- and her tongue.
Orange Leaf!
Dorothy at Orange Leaf
I have a lot of FB friends posting about how excited they are to have their kids all to themselves for the summer, but I am a little freaked out.  We only have 2 weeks left and then NO help with the kids until September.  Yikes.  I foresee lots of pool days.


  1. Dorothy's accessories are so awesome! And Harry's pose is awesome! Eli's been doing his "dreamy pose'" in every picture, which is a heavy lid and small smile. So basically bedroom eyes. No idea where he got it but it's making all my pictures super awkward.

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    just ready to eat breakfast, but couldn't wait to tell you how great those pictures are...the children are spectacular...Bomma

  3. Dorothy is so fashion-y, I cannot get enough of her. Also, omg, those cheeks!!

    Ethan must pose for every picture as well. If its not a goofy face, it is Blue Steel and a hand on his hip, or a kissy face. Every once in awhile he poses like he thinks he's Eminem (I am not a fan of this pose). Its like I have a 7 yo boy/14yo girl hybrid.

  4. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Cooper and paci crack me up! Next bday I'm getting him a cool case for it. Love seeing the pics. Boo