Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Catch up

Harry had another follow-up. Things look good-- no change, still some fluid around the heart and around the lungs.  He still has activity restrictions-- no soccer, no gym, no recess, no running.
I picked up a Melissa and Doug sticker faces pad at the hospital gift shop, and it is a hit with all ages.
Cooper loves to rip Dorothy's bows off her head and wear them.  Today, he dropped her stretchy leopard headband in a puddle, retrieved it, and sucked the water out of it, which is how I knew he was thirsty.
Dorothy sleeps away from me now in places like her crib and her bouncy chair.
This stroller is HEAVY
Ben brought all the outside furniture out of the attic and stuffed the Christmas decorations in it.
Cooper got a super hero mask.
Harry talked to Dorothy for over an hour about colors and pioneer America.
We went to the zoo.
I got to take everyone to the ER yesterday morning because I dropped Dorothy on her head.  She's fine.  Ben said she was fine, but I dropped her on her head!  She hit the top of her head, bounced, and landed on her forehead.  I was holding her against my shoulder with one hand and putting laundry in a basket with my other hand, leaning forward.  She arched back and bam!  It was horrible.  But everyone got a 6:30 am ER popsicle, so there's that.
Since Harry can't do recess, we go to school and take him for a walk while his friends are on the playground.  It's a nice little interlude for us and for him and it beats him sitting in the nurse's office and prevents him from  bouncing off the classroom walls all afternoon.  But, as you can see, it messes with Cooper's nap.
That's what's been going on here for the last few days.  Just taking walks and dropping baby.  You know.


  1. I've had a baby flop out of my arm that way and almost land on the floor--not mine; its worse when you almost break someone else's baby! Glad she's okay--with four kids, one of them is bound to get dropped on his/her head at some point, right?! ;-)

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    While carrying laundry and me (as an infant), my Mom dropped me. I ended up with double black eyes. Talk about MOTY.
    Moral to the story, the parent holding the baby shouldn't be the parent carrying the laundry.
    However, I turned out perfect! :-)

  3. Charlie dropped James when he was trying to pick him up out of the swing. He was also fine. It's so scary though.

    Yay for popsicles!

  4. I keep giving Avery whiplash that same way. Baby's are slippery! Luckily they usually bounce too. And ER Popsicles are a bonus! I love that you go take Harry for a walk at recess/gym. Total MOTY move :)

  5. I dropped Lucy when she was about a month old. Well, I didn't so much drop her as fall on my own face while holding her. But in the process she fell out of my arms and onto the ground. Which thankfully was carpeted. We both cried a little, dusted ourselves off, and no ones been the worse for it (to the best of my knowldedge...).

    Glad Harry is doing better!

  6. I let Emmie roll off the changing table when she was about five months old -- three foot drop onto her face. That was fun. She was fine. Jack was about six months old when Josh let the stroller somersault end over end down the stairs outside. He actually had a skull fracture. Win some, lose some. :)