Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Sweet babies

Cooper has NEVER been sick (except, you know, that one time on vacation when he had that disgusting rash and a 103-degree fever), but in the 2 weeks since Dorothy has arrived, he has had a revolting green snot nose (had it when she was in the hospital in fact and when she came home); then he tested positive for strep, and now, he has ANOTHER revolting green snot nose. Yikes.  It's virusy and bacterial around here.

Harry is the BEST big brother-- he LOVES taking care of the baby, and he is solely responsible for tummy time-- he suggests, supervises, and makes it fun.
She's just so damn sweet, but she isn't a fan of the Rock n Play like Cooper was.  Except for a few naps, she is largely a people sleeper. She's lying next to me on the couch right now, though, more than 2 hours past her last feed, so maybe she'll be a crib sleeper soon?  (I wouldn't count on it).
I wish I had taken a picture of this outfit-- it is purple and gray striped with a purple crown on the front.  I love Baby Gap.  Dorothy wore it to the doctor for her 2 week check up.  She weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds, which is one pound, six ounces over her birth weight. She's a great eater!  It was cute to watch our doctor with her-- he is much gentler with her than the boys. I have never seen him apologize to a baby who got kind of fussy during an exam-- he's usually much more matter-of-fact, and he never called the boys sweetie.

Her head also grew 2 centimeters, and my favorite hat is getting a little snug.

Jack taught Cooper how to splash in the bath.  Fan freaking tastic.
More tummy time!
Cooper has turned into a freaking MONSTER since the baby was born and since he's been under the weather.  So if Easter candy makes the whining stop, who am I to say no?
Boiling a vat of pacifiers, so we can use them again when the plague is gone.
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS BOW.  You can't tell in this picture, but the center of it is a bottle cap with a mustache, and the white ribbon has little mustaches on it.
Look at those cheeks!
Jack and Cooper enjoyed a smoothie after Cooper's nap.  Cooper LOVES hanging out with Jack, and when they have the same snack, he seriously geeks out.
Dorothy had a long stretch of awake time.  She hung out like this, while jack and I played "Baby Beluga" over and over on my phone, substituting Dorothy Tallulah and trying to memorize all the lyrics.  Do you think she'll be offended when she grows up and we are still calling her a little white whale on the go?
There are so many M&Ms in his bowl of goldfish crackers.  Whenever Ben sees me bribing him with M&Ms, he says "That horse is a diabetic!" and "I love Buttered Stuff!"  Ahhh, Half Baked.
We played outside for over an hour after school.  I love being able to go outside again-- Jack and Harry are dangerous as hell on their Razor scooters, though.
Baseball.  We would normally play in the back yard, but it never gets sun and is still covered in snow.
Cooper found the last snow mound in the yard and went to work with his shovel.
Ben worked from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm, when he came home for 45 minutes and then left for a condo board meeting.  4 kids is a lot of kids. 

The other night, we talked very seriously about having a 5th because it has been so easy to throw Dorothy into the mix. I mean, we discussed making the toy room into a kid bedroom-- we were for real.  Then, the next morning, acting independently of each other, I gave all of my maternity clothes to a pregnant friend, and Ben scheduled a vasectomy.  Ahhh, clarity.


  1. Such great pics! Sounds like you're doing great! I was really surprised to see your lawn not covered with snow on FB the other day. I am sure that is a nice change!

  2. I love all the pictures! That bow is awesome :)