Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Poor Coop

Before she was born, Ben and I were sure we'd call Dorothy Dottie, Dolly, Dot, or Dottie Lou. I was not the biggest fan of Dorothy as a name and just knew I'd call her by a nickname.

But now?  I love her name so much and call her Dorothy, Dorth (kind of unfortunate but funny, as is Dorth Vader, which would be an awesome hybrid Halloween costume), Dorothy Tallulah, or Dorothy T, my favorite.  Dorothy is the best name ever, and I couldn't imagine her as a Violet, a Betty, a Cecelia, a Sally, or a Stella-- the rest of the names on our mutual list.  (On Ben's list?  Blanche.  On my list? Penelope and Georgie). 

Lately, though, between her goopy eye and the enormous amount of boogers in her nose, I have been calling her Snots, short, of course, for Snotty Dottie.

No wonder she looks at me like this:
Look at the extra chin!
So bald!  Looking so much like her brothers!
Harry LOVES to hold her.  LOVES it.
Coop in a box.
Ol' snot eye on her way to the pediatrician-- she needed a snack in the car.
How adorable is this Gymboree ensemble?  0-3 mos because she's getting SO BIG!
I took Dorothy and Cooper to the doctor today.  Before Little Gym this morning, I wiped the snot out of Dorothy's eye, and she looked totally normal again.  Cooper's fever was gone, and his nose was drier than it has been in weeks.  He slept horribly again though and was so screamy all morning, so I loaded them both up in the pouring rain and drove around for an hour after swinging through the Dunkin Donuts drive through for decaf so Coop could take a partial nap (doctors office squeezed us in over lunch, ie nap).  I was feeling stupid for bringing 2 healthy kids to the doctor, but then Cooper lost his ever loving mind when our nurse tried to weigh him.  (I was wearing Dorothy in the Ergo, so she ended up weighing herself holding him and then without him-- he's 26 pounds).  She was like oh wow, he must be sick-- he never acts like this.  I though phew! I am not a psycho.

Dorothy weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces-- almost a pound more than she did last week.  And she's fine, goopy eye, stuffy nose, snot breath and all.

Cooper has his very first ear infection and a new round of antibiotics-- this time a dose large enough to cause diarrhea.  Awesome.  Looking forward to THAT.


  1. Poor Cooper! Load him up on antibiotics though. AJU5 was on a very high dose for an ear infection in January, and luckily lots of yogurt kept her belly in control.

  2. Oh, poor Cooper! I am always strangely relieved when the kids are actually sick at the doctor. Which is 99% of the time now as my doctor threshold is WAY higher than it used to be.

  3. Poor sick kiddos!

    Funny how we think we'll use one name and others get used more. Do the older kids have any fun nicknames for little Dorothy yet?

  4. I love the random nicknames that come up for babies. Beatrice is of course Beebs or the Beeber, but for one reason I also call her Lumpy. Bet he loves that hen she's older.

    Hope Cooper is all better soon!