Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feeling better!

 On Sunday, Harry perked up considerably.

He stopped needing morphine between doses of Ibuprofen, and he regained his appetite and his sense of humor.

Our parents all came to visit, and Harry scored some serious presents-- magic tricks galore and a couple of really cool Lego sets, plus balloons.  Ben and I took turns hanging at home and the hospital.  Dorothy was not allowed to sleep on the PICU, so she and I did days, and Ben stayed overnight.

I pretty much sat on the couch in Harry's room and fed the baby.  It was all nipples all the time unless she happened to be cool with the nursing cover, which I started using after Harry's teacher and librarian showed up because you never know who's going to pop into your room.
 Harry got rowdy Sunday night and started blatantly cheating at go fish
 Dorothy got some exercise, and I wish I could have joined her because I spent 12 hours sitting on a couch Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, unless I was pacing the halls which wasn't very often because hospitals are gross and I have a 6 week old. (see below).  The cardiologist apparently thought I was a total freaking moron because she told Harry's pediatrician that I was worried about my other kids catching whatever Harry had.  Um, no. I was, however, super nervous about toting Dorothy around the freaking PICU and kept asking everyone if she was OK to be there because I didn't/don't want my baby to get the plague.
 On Monday around 10:30, Harry called room service to order tea and a croissant.  He kills me.
 More! Nursing!
 We even switched sides.
 Our old college friends sent Harry an awesome care package.
 After one of the residents pulled Harry's chest drain (gross-- Harry was totally skeeved out by the way he could both hear and feel the tube coming out-- he tried to describe a whistling inside his body), we were unceremoniously booted out of the PICU and kicked up to the general peds floor where everyone kept trying to get us to check out the playroom, but all I saw was VIRUS! BACTERIA! RABIES!
 So we played Battleship instead.
 Harry is really going to miss room service.
 We colored, played some Go Fish, read the 4th Harry Potter book, had a nice visit from some friends.
 Marveled at how squishy our baby is.
After Ben came with Whole Foods deli dinner (oh my goodness-- we have been hitting WF 4 or 5 times a day because it is right by the hospital) and we all hung out for a bit, Dorothy and I went home.  I have had a normal routine day with the 3 little kids, while Ben and Harry languish in hospital limbo.  Harry should be home soon with a follow-up cardiology appointment for the precisely least convenient time of the week, when I will have no choice but to bring everyone there by myself.  So, look forward to hearing all about that.


  1. So, so glad that he's feeling better! And what a great community you have. Hopefully Harry's home soon. Maybe he could con Jack into playing "Butler" and bringing him his tea :)

  2. This is great news! So glad he's feeling better. He looks much happier in pictures!

    Room service is the best part of the hospital.