Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1 Month Yesterday, 5 Years Today

Dorothy T turned one-month on Tax Day.
Such a sweet little chub
She's a wonderful baby-- snuggly, calm, tolerant.  Her big brothers love her so much.  There are grubby little hand prints on the sides of her rock n play because they love to rock her anytime she's in there.  She's a wonderful eater, and she sleeps well, too.  This month, she has been a dream come true.

And somehow, this guy turned 5 today, at 6:03 am.
He started the day with presents.
Cooper LOVED the dancing card.
This Batman house was "from Harry"
Cake (and Oreo ice cream) for breakfast!
In his birthday crown from school about to eat the last birthday cupcake-- he passed out 22 at school to classmates and random teachers and office staff (he gave one to Harry's teacher this year and one to Harry's teacher from last year--how cute is that?) and brought one home for Cooper and one more for himself.
We went to the birthday bar we always frequent on birthdays.
Dorothy screamed the whole time.
I had a Spotted Cow for the first time since June
Cooper was a damn animal.
Dorothy screamed.
Mr. Questions had questions.
Jack contemplated a wish (unicorns-- he always wishes for unicorns).
And blew out his candles.
Ben took him to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, and he got to do the ticket blaster, which he called every kid's dream.

A pretty good birthday-- stay tuned for this weekend's party edition!


  1. Holy cow! How is he 5? It looks like a super fun birthday.
    PS: What's a Spotted Cow?

  2. Five is so big!

    And I am so not ready to go back to the screaming in restaurants days. Sigh. At least there was beer.

  3. I love your blog....especially when you mention things like Spotted Cow and when I recognize that birthday bar in an INSTANT! I'm a fellow badger living in Colorado now, so you make me homesick! I'm also a mother of 3, so you make me realize I AM NOT ALONE! :)

  4. Happy birthday, Jack!!!!