Monday, April 08, 2013

Snotty Dot

See, what I do all day is I dress the baby up and take her picture. All day.

No, not really.  These posts are from different days.

Here she is showing her team spirit as we cheered our old college speech team on to a national championship.
My favorite outfit.  The leopard and polka dots!  The flower!  The tiny baby cardi!
This was a cute pink velour number that Ben called sporty.
Oh yeah!  We also went to the zoo.  Cooper LOVES the zoo, the damn monkey.

Oh my gosh!  Another outfit!  She can officially wear Carter's 3-month clothes.
At night, I am on Dorothy duty (duh), and Ben gets everyone else.  Since everyone else reliably sleeps through the night, this is kind of a shit deal for me, in theory.  But since Cooper has been sick non stop since Dorothy was born, Ben is a actually way worse off than I am.  Last night, for example, Cooper was up from 12-2 -- the whole time-- and again at 4.  Ben says he hasn't been this tired since Harry was a baby when Ben used to go to Starbuck's for a venti coffee with 3 shots of espresso on his way to work and pass out at his desk.  Cooper fell asleep while eating lunch today.
Dorothy has been awake all day despite this strenuous workout.
Her left eye is weeping yellow snot (you're welcome), so I get to take her and Cooper (who is leaking from multiple orifices, running a fever, and pulling on his ears) to the doctor together.  During Cooper's nap. YOU GUYS, THAT'S GOING TO BE SO FUN.


  1. OMG. It's like Dorothy and Avery are identical babies! So re: the eye snot, which none of my other babies had so I was convinced was pinkeye. We got a dx of clogged tear duct with a rx for a healthy shot of breast milk in the eye. Seriously. You can imagine how that's going...

  2. So cute, eye snot and all! I love the polka dots!!