Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby stuff and groceries.

Cooper has decided he no longer needs a high chair.  Instead, he'd prefer to sit on Ben.  This picture sums up how theu both feel about the situation.

Suddenly a huge, huge tummy.

They picked out their own clothes.

Sent Ben to Carters to pick out clothes he thinks are adorable-- and they are so, so adorable!

He also got this tiny gray headband, which is JUST the feminine touch this tiny rock star sleeper needs to transition from Cooper to baby girl.

My FB friend Katie surprised us with this adorable Badger tut and headband from Inspired by Gianna

Baby's hospital clothes and hats (yeah, the boys wore the hospital issued hat and t-shirt, but I have gowns and an organic hat with a flower and teeny ruffley socks for our baby girl).

I also ordered an adorable custom designed hat from Jamie, that I am really, really, really excited about.

The kids were in rare form today.  So tired and cranky.  We went to Benihana to celebrate Ben;s mom's 60th last night, and the kids LOVED it, especially Harry. But we didn't get in the car to drive home until 7:45, which messed bedtime up, and for some reason all of our kids get up earlier when they have been up later WHICH MAKES NO SENSE.

Since we were up at 5:13 (are you KIDDING ME??) we took advantage of the early wake up time and Cooper's lack of a morning nap to go to 2 different grocery stores (we know how to live it up).  As always happens in the winter, our grocery bill is astronomical because we are buying organic produce that's not in season.  We thought mayyybe by shopping around, we could get better deals.  We did find $1 carrots and $2 celery, and the local bagels we like were on sale 10 6-packs for $10 (which was amazing-- they are $.50 a bagel at Whole Foods), but generally, we came to the realization that we like what we like and it doesn't totally matter how much it costs-- we are still going to buy it.  At the same time, we can make it cost less, especially now that Cooper doesn't nap til noon, and we have all Sunday morning to compare cheese prices and find $3.50 bags of organic kiwi.  SO EXCITING.  (Also, you would not believe how much yogurt we eat every week).

I washed and folded and hung baby clothes today-- new ones and my old favorites from the boys.  We have plenty of teeny sleepers and impossibly small onesies.  I might get a couple more nightgowns-- those were so great when the boys were tiny-- and I am in the market for girly Miracle blankets, especially since we used Cooper's until they got holes. Maybe some more tiny socks.  But that's it.  For now.

Neither Ben nor I has been able to envision any clothes for her past the 0-3 stage.  Dresses look so UNCOMFORTABLE.  Won't her teeny baby legs be cold? And tights aren't snuggly-- I know this because I wear tights all the time.  I know it'll be summer when she's growing out of her super tiny clothes, but we keep our house cold, and I remember Jack's poor little skin getting mottled when he'd wear summer clothes.  SO we're taking more of a wait and see approach, which is funny because we are usually impulse buyers.  Also funny that I am eschewing tulle for cotton and putting a premium on comfort.  That's what having boys first will do to you, I guess.


  1. Such sweet little floral onezies!

  2. Love her hospital clothes! I keep waiting to be inspired for Waldo's coming home outfit, but so far no luck. And the gray headband is super adorable with the rocker jammies! For the bigger sizes, I really liked tunic-y dresses and leggings for Syd. Cute, and comfortable. I agree on tights. I think she's had three pairs in three years. Plus they run, so they're practically disposable.
    Your tummy picture is super cute! Jealous you still manage to look stylish this far in the game!

  3. Shipping it out tomorrow!! Yay!

  4. AJU7 wears dresses almost every day (as requested by her big sister). I either using leggings or baby legs most days if it is cool. The big advantage of baby legs is you don't have to pull them off to change the diaper! As for tights, yeah - I don't love them until they are walking a ton. Now she has a few pairs of tights that she will wear that are knit (and hence last even with falling, crawling, etc). Love the cute outfits you have so far :)
    Oh, and the onesies - AJU7 has worn almost 0 "basic" onesies - the joys of having such a large wardrobe that she just doesn't need them...

  5. omg, baby girl clothes. so so so cute.

  6. No dresses from the time she starts crawling until she starts walking -- she will just catch her knees on them and get all frustrated. But the cutest thing EVAH is a baby sitting up all cute with a dress spread around her.

    I don't think my girls had any dresses (outside of special occasions) until they were 2. Those bubble suits are ADORABLE for summer with their fat little thighs as are those onesies that have skirts attached.